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Charlotte Albert

Managing Bookkeeper


Charlotte has been working for Brightbooks since Nov 2019. She is passionate about her work and gets great satisfaction in helping a business grow. Her duties consist of maintaining all books and preparing Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statements for management. File Sales Tax Reports, Payroll tax reports, Estimated Tax payments, Yearly 1099’s.


About Charlotte

  • The University of Connecticut - Mansfield, Connecticut

    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting -

Career Highlights
  • Charlotte worked for a Health Insurance Company for 5 years as an auditor for Medicare and then worked in corporate budgeting.

  • For 20 years she worked as the Full charge Bookkeeper for a very successful durable medical equipment company.

  • She also was the accountant for her family-run landscaping business for 37 years.

Did You Know?
  • Charlotte loves spending time with her family and children. They have a tradition of going to Cape Cod with the entire family each year and this year marks over 50 years.

  • She loves the beach, walking, and good dance music.

  • A fun fact about her is that she was on the UConn bowling team and continues to bowl in various leagues.


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