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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks seamlessly integrates with a wide range of applications, enabling business owners to effortlessly connect various data sources and streamline their workflows. While some of these apps cater to specific industries and are exclusively beneficial to those sectors, others offer universal utility and can enhance the efficiency of businesses across various domains.

QuickBooks Online Industry Specific App Integrations

Inventory Management


  • Assign where items are stored across multiple locations​

  • Use your phone to receive shipments, scan barcodes, and pack & ship

  • Fulfill sales orders, customers backorders, and vendor backorders

  • Upload vendor price list to compare costs

SOS Inventory

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry​

  • Streamline order management by creating sales orders and synchronized invoices

  • Integrate picking, packing, and shipping processes with QuickBooks

  • Manage inventory across multiple locations



  • Seamlessly reconcile transactions​

  • Keep real-time donor records

  • Campaign management, crowdfunding, and event management tools


  • Track your needs​

  • Obtain performance reports

  • Use actionable insights to inform your fundraising


Katana Inventory & Manufacturing

  • Track manufacturing inventory and work in process​

  • Manage make-to-order and make-to-stock workflows

  • Track stock availability for materials and products in real time

  • Track manufacturing costs

  • Automatically create and update QuickBooks Online invoices based on Katana sales order status



  • Keep jobs, clients, vendors, and items along with invoices, time, payments, and expenses in sync​

  • Create progress invoices during a job

  • Compare actual costs to estimate by job

  • Check real time costs during a project

General QuickBooks Online App Integrations



  • Handles receipts you take and upload pictures of

  • Automatically reconciles credit cards

  • Determines whether an expense is work-related or not

  • Generates and submits expense reports for reimbursement

  • Allows you to view your entire customer base and their account status, invoices, and payments

  • Eliminates dual data entry by linking invoices, payments, and estimates to customer contacts, opportunities, or projects

  • Shows any open, overdue, and income payment details

Method: CRM


  • Easily manage your leads      and track opportunities

  • Offer online portals for customers

  • Sync customer information instantly to QuickBooks

  • Optimize processes such as creating estimates, sales orders, invoices, and templates

  • Develops scenarios to model short and long-term cash flow

  • Monitors budget versus actual performance

  • Obtains a detailed perspective on inflows and outflows

  • Handles projected payment dates for invoices and bills

Futrli by Sage


  • Synchronizes with QuickBooks ledgers

  • Provides client real-time information

  • Analyzes data to guide your forecasting, reporting, and decision-making processes

  • Provides insights about your business performance

  • Creates custom management reports and share them clearly

  • Allows you to schedule the delivery of reports

  • Provides cash flow forecasting


  • Monitors sales tax, fees, revenue, and expenses from all your sales channels

  • Syncs every sale and return with QuickBooks

  • Presents an analytics dashboard from your data to highlight where to focus your efforts

App Transactions

QuickBooks empowers you to harness the full potential of your business by effortlessly syncing your sales channel data. Their robust suite of app integrations revolutionizes the way you manage your financial operations, eliminating the need to tedious manual data entry and freeing up your valuable time for strategic decision-making.


  • Amazon Business

  • eBay

  • Shopify

  • Amazon Seller Central

  • Square

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