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When to Call for Help - Paperwork!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When to Call in an Expert Bookkeeper and Keep Your Sanity:

You're trying to do everything and nothing is getting done:

Once you find yourself falling behind on invoicing your customers or paying bills because you are doing it all, you may want to consider waving the flag and getting a professional bookkeeper. This way, you focus on growing your customer base, and rest assured your trusted finances are being taken care of for you.

When you are taking too many billing calls:

You find yourself answering too many calls regarding billing and you are waiting for that one day your bookkeeper comes in per week. If you are not able to see real time billing and payments, it may be time to call in a more available and present bookkeeping service.

You're in-between bookkeepers:

There are times when you get the exact fit in a bookkeeper, and most other times when you are experiencing turnover. In current markets, it can take much longer than anticipated to find the right employee.

Most-importantly, it is frightening to find your bookkeeper has left; and left you scrambling to find log-ins, payroll data, and other essential financial information that you need to run your business.

There's not enough work to substantiate a salary:

The cost of an employee is much more than their salary. If you factor in the employment taxes and benefits, the cost is usually 1.5 times more than the base salary alone. Hiring an outside professional bookkeeper will keep your costs lower and much more predictable. You will also benefit from the global bookkeeper experience in the field!

You are trying to keep certain company details private:

If your in-house is doing double time as bookkeeper and other roles, you may not want them having access to payroll information. This could often lead to loss of privacy, or worst-case disgruntled sharing of payroll details.

There may be privacy and discretion needed regarding your sales or products and there is no way to lock your bookkeeper out of that data. You may definitely want to consider entrusting a professional and bonded bookkeeper to ensure you have a separation of duties and trust.

When you’re ready for one-touch bookkeeping, contact our BrightBooks professionals.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you focus on your business, knowing you have a consistent and trusted team of BrightBooks bookkeepers with real time results.

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