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Snap your receipts into instant bills in QuickBooks online

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Looking for an easier way to eliminate a drawer of receipts? Intuit now adds receipt capture to create instant Accounts Payable bill entry from your phone, email, laptop.

How to Get Started:

1) From the QBO Navigation Bar choose Banking Center

2) Select the Receipts tab

3) Drag and drop, email or upload a mobile image of the document to QuickBooks

4) From the For Review section of the Receipts tab you can see when the document is ready for review

5) QuickBooks extracts, data including date and dollar amount

6) Click on Review in the Action column

7) Select Bill as Document Type (as shown highlighted in the 'red box')

8) Enter the remaining details:

  • Enter Payee

  • Approve Bill date and enter due date

  • Select Account

  • Enter amount total

  • Select Customer if you wish to source this bill to a customer

  • Class, if needed

  • Add reference number

9) Import into QuickBooks by Saving and Closing

Within, seconds your document is coded and published into QuickBooks as an Open Bill pending payment.

Add a second layer of security by reviewing and approving those bills before they are paid.

Simply match the bill payment on bank import and you are all set!

BrightBooks has your solutions for cloud-based bookkeeping.

Please contact us for more information on how to automate and alleviate repetitive tasks in your daily business finances at 203-987-4111

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