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How are your books?

This question should not frighten you. If it does, it's time to take action. 

If your company is using QuickBooks Desktop or QBO, Xero or accounting software, we will review your account and help you improve the health of your financial books.


  • A review of entity structure

  • A review of your financial statements structure

  • A review of your fundamental setup elements:

    • Chart of Accounts, effective use of accounts​

    • Customer and jobs list, AR reliability

    • Vendor list, AP reliability

    • Transaction posting efficiency

    • Banking and associated reconciliations

    • Employee and Payroll information (if applicable)

    • A diagnosis of any underlying systematic transactional and/or setup problems.

  • A summary outline of findings and improvement recommendations.

After we complete our review, we'll set up a virtual Zoom or in person conference to discuss our findings and improvement recommendations with you. We then work with you to put into effect the recommended cleanup tasks. Our end goal is to get your books, financial processes, and business back on track with your financial software streamlined and more responsive to your informational needs.​


You're in Good Hands with Industry Experts

Your team will include an industry expert consultant and bookkeeper. You’ll have consistent and professional contact for all of your business needs.


Extra time – allows you to focus your time on growing your business, knowing you have sound professionals working for you.


Easy to budget – our flat monthly fee arrangement allows you to budget your money and the level of service is customized to your needs.


100% tax compliant – We file all necessary forms for you, including sales, payroll tax returns, and 1099s.

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