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Back to School – Back to Business!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Back to School – Back to Business

Back to school season is a perfect launching point to refocus and realign your goals as a business owner.

As summer winds down, we begin to think of hitting the books, so to speak! Here are some tips to get you started:

1. What are My Immediate Goals for this Business Quarter

Make a list of goals or positive changes you’d like to implement this season. Maybe you’re looking to update your website, or become more active in social media for your business. This might be a key time to consider adding a blog or email newsletter. You may have large-scale goals down the road that you would like to revisit this season.

Pull a few items from your list and make those your priority. Bring in your team and brainstorm ways to give your goals new life. This exercise should be meaningful for all involved. Maybe hold your session over coffee or lunch.

For your priority goals, discuss the steps you’ll need to take to reach them, and any homework needed as well. Discuss team goals and assign responsible and receptive team leaders for your projects. Research options for outsourcing any of the tasks that are bogging you down. Brainstorm ways to fit the costs of your goals into your budget. Look at ways to reduce other costs or increase sales to meet the cost of making these business improvements.

2. What I Want to do to Better Myself

Take a moment to look at what you are doing daily; what is eating up your time, and if it’s a necessary task for you. Sometimes we take on far too much of the little jobs, and suddenly realize our day is spent and we have a large project yet to complete. We know that most multi-tasking decreases production, yet we still bounce around on various tasks and lose our focus.

Make a list of your own goals. Think about your daily routine. Are you lost in email before you even get in the car? Think about your typical work day. When do you feel most stressed and when are you most productive? Why? And most importantly, what would make the difference? Consider assigning some of your tasks to an assistant or peer, and embrace exactly what you do best!

Take your list and pick five rules to live by. Type up your mantra of five and keep that on your desktop or post where you will see daily, and be inspired by your goals. Then begin to integrate them into your routine.

3. What is my Long -Term Business Direction

Take some time to think about the biggest challenges facing your business:

Are you in need of funding to expand your market, purchase equipment or develop a new product? Have you considered expansion by bringing in a partner or investor? Are you taking time to analyze your cash flow and budgets?

These questions should be considered when you have a clear mind and time, rather than when it’s the last bell. As an entrepreneur, you will want to consider all options to grow your business, for yourself and your employees. Consider meeting with your accountant or financial advisor to discuss your business plans.

Give yourself a time to reflect on the possibilities of making robust changes. Take inventory on your current financial conditions and make sound decisions on just how much you can do and how soon. Make a list of things that you can do to reach your goals and set them into motion. Remember to monitor your progress.

BrightBooks has the seasoned professionals to assist you with your efforts to refocus this season and for the future.

We have the talent to help you outsource some of the more burdensome tasks, so that you have time to grow your business.

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