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QuickBooks Payments & Invoicing

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Intuit has introduced exciting new features that will improve speed and efficiency in their QuickBooks program.

QuickBooks Online is now offering a new, dynamic way for creating and paying invoices. With the new updates, QuickBooks now features autopay and schedule pay. The autopay function allows for clients to save their payment information and set up automatic payments for recurring invoices. The schedule pay function allows for clients to schedule a payment for one single invoice on their preferred payment date. Payments can be made by either ACH or credit card transactions. These functions are available for clients who have QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payment accounts. Access to these functions will offer incredible convenience for your customers.

QuickBooks Online is also enhancing their invoicing product experience to replicate the entire workflow of their interaction with a customer. With the new rebuilt estimate features, there is now the ability to save templates, build a favorites library, and duplicate existing invoices estimates and invoices. Additionally, once a customer accepts an estimate, QuickBooks automatically turns the estimate into an invoice to pay the deposit. This way businesses can save time when starting new projects for clients.

Please contact our bookkeeping professionals at BrightBooks, LLC to discuss ways to streamline, automate and secure your business accounting needs. We are happy to get you started on the path to progression and use the time-savings to grow your business.

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